Impressionist painting of Rhosyn

A Welsh artist and photography, based in Éire (Ireland)

Rhosyn is currently working on her photography in 2023 and upcoming 2024. She often takes photos in the moment with both iPhone, and digital DSLR/mirrorless cameras.

In 2024 she will be working on more wildlife, landscape, and newly explored astro-photography.

Rhosyn also often draws life, portraits, and various frivolous doodles in a pursuit to improve her skills.

Continuing to work on improving cartooning skills with her Angharad series; a collection of situations, poses, and expressions involving two characters. An anthropomorphic rabbit named Angharad, and a companion doll-sized rabbit which features along with Angharad in many of the poses.

She started doodling as many do at an early age and discovered an urge to re-create the realism of life in pencil and paint. Digital mediums are now her preferred arrangement (in part because of the mess from graphic, charcoal and pencil shavings!) however still leans back on a more traditional HB pencil and fresh sheet of paper.

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